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Suspect  Counterfeit Training 

Mission Critical Materials, Packaging & Products  for AeroSpace & Defense,  Space Technology, Homeland Security & Customs Border Patrol 

April 06, 2016

Bob Vermillion, SME, Briefs DOD for the Annual NIPHLE Training Conference

Royal Sonesta, Baltimore, Maryland


Speaking before a full house on the last day of the Annual NIPHLE Training Event, Bob Vermillion, SME Materials & Packaging, gave a high level briefing to the  DoD, DLA, DCMA and the prime contracting community.


For Supplier non-compliant materials and packaging that have entered the DOD supply chain, the integrity of mission critical parts and components continues to be compromised.  Materials and packaging include  static sensitive packaging, diptubes used in manufacturing, carrier tape & reel, LEDs, and Sorbent pads widely used for soaking up aircraft fuel on military bases and Federal sites all over the USA.  

April 04, 2016

Bob Vermillion, SME, briefs the Federal Contracting Community at NASA Ames Research Center

Moffett Field, CA


For the Annual NASA GIDEP New Member Training Conference, Bob Vermillion, the leading SME on ESD Materials & Packaging for NASA and the DOD, briefed the Federal contracting community of  the detrimental impact of supplier non-compliant materials, packaging and products entering the global supply chain. Without 'periodic verification,' the increase in nonconforming products will only grow.   


Continued usage of  "Supplier Tech Data Sheets" without 3rd party testing can no longer be relied upon as verification of a product's integrity. To schedule a meeting or to learn more, then let us hear from you.  

February 12, 2016

Have Suspect Counterfeit ESD Packaging & Materials Infiltrated the Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain?

Interference Technology, February 2016

According to the 12 February 2016 edition of the EE Times, President Barak Obama indicated a day earlier that he will sign into law a customs bill passed by the U.S. Senate that includes a provision to combat counterfeit semiconductors (Figure 2)[1]. This will be called the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 (H.R. 644/S.1269).


This bill will mandate that U.S. Customs & Border Protection share information and samples of suspected counterfeit EEE parts for inspection and testing that are identified as counterfeits. In 2011, the Semiconductor Industry Association estimated that counterfeiting costs U.S. based semiconductor companies more than $7.5 billion per year. 

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