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 ESD Bag Testing

RMV at NASA Ames Research Center


A long standing member approved by the American Council of Independent Laboratory & Union Internationale des Laboratories Independants (ACIL), RMV Technology Group LLC, a NASA Industry Partner, is the Industry Leader of ESD Materials and Packaging Testing for Government and Industry.  Located onsite at NASA Ames Research Center, RMV is the largest  privately held electrostatics test laboratory on a NASA site  in the USA.  

Bag Styles for ESD Testing

Bag styles that we test include the following:

1.    Antistat Pink Poly Bags (Type 2)

2.    Barrier Bags (Type 1)

3.    Dip Tube Bags

4.    Evidence Bags 

5.    Flexible Packaging Bag Film

6.    Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC)

7.    Moisture Barrier Bags (Type 1)

8.    Nylon Foil Moisture Barrier Bags

9.    Paperboard ESD Shielding Bags

10.  Static Dissipative Poly Bags

11.  Static Shielding Bags (Type 3)

12.  Velostat Black Conductive Shielding Bags 

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