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Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International

SEMI E78 Guide to Electrostatic Compatibility


Guide to Assess and Control Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) and

Electrostatic Attraction (ESA) for Equipment

The purpose of this guide is  to minimize the negative impact on productivity caused by electrostatic charge and  fields in  equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing.

The purpose of this reference document is to minimize the negative impact on productivity caused by electrostatic charge and fields in semiconductor manufacturing.  Electrostatic compatibility in the entire semiconductor factory is addressed in SEMI E129. A number of undesirable effects can be caused by electrostatic charge on surfaces that damages both products and reticles.  A combination of ESD events and charge on wafers and reticles can attract particulates  (ESA or electrostatic attraction) in the equipment and in the manufacturing/cleanroom environment.

In-Process Equipment Engineering Services

Electronics - Auto - Pharma - Medical Device - Aerospace & Defense


  • Use of Calibrated Instruments with Redundancy in Instrumentation

  • Testing is  Traceable to ANSI/ESD, ASTM, IEC, Mil Standards, Standard Test Methods, Standard Practices or Industry Practices 

  • ESD Flooring Qualification, Verification and Installation Certification 

  • RMV is a Qualification Lab for Commercial, DoD, NASA, DLA, Aerospace & Defense  Primes Industry Sectors: Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, Drive, Medical/Pharma, Auto

  • Subject Matter Expertise (SME) Displays, Hand Held Devices, Smart Materials  

Medical Equipment

OEMs, CMs and R&D

RMV Engineering Services for Validation, Verification and R&D support includes Robotic controlled Physical Rehabilitation Equipment, Medical Products (Patient Monitoring, Cardiovascular, Diabetes Control, In-Home Kidney Dialysis Equipment).  

Troubleshooting of Medical Products and Equipment may include Design Troubleshooting, Testing of Polymer Materials for Charge Generation including sticking issues with bioengineered materials.  

Clients include some of the major medical OEMS, CMs and end user care facilities.  


For raw material suppliers, the RMV engagement will begin during product development for an application specific use to meet the Industry Approved Electrostatic requirements before  product introduction.   

Please contact RMV direct for a confidential inquiry regarding your product or in-process equipment.  

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