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Bob Vermillion receives James A. Russell Lifetime Achievement Award

Tobyhanna Army Depot

The National, Institute of Packaging, Handling and Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE) consisting of the US Army, US NAVY, USMC, DLA, USAF, DCMA and Industry, honored Bob Vermillion, CPP, Fellow, RMV Technology Group, LLC (RMV) with the James A. Russell Award, the highest recognition given each year by NIPHLE to recognize the Lifetime Achievement to a member for advancements and innovations in the field of Packaging Engineering for protection of the Warfighter. 


In 2015, RMV at NASA Ames, received the NIPHLE Corporate Award in support of the Warfighter.  


Early on,  Vermillion developed a static shielding MX Missile Shroud and later assisted in the development of a CDM safe electrostatic discharge shielding paperboard technology that is today widely utilized in aerospace & defense and the commercial sector.


Shortly thereafter, Vermillion invented (Patent# 5,637,377) a Protective Containerboard for Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive Devices. Later, he pioneered several other materials that exhibited superior shielding and charge mitigation properties.


As a consultant for the Intel  Pentium II Packaging Development Team, Bob provided the ESD SME for a successful product launch.


To understand the risk of corrugated containerboard Triboelectrification during air transport, winter and Santa Ana Wind conditions, Bob is the First to map differences between charge levels of Asia Pacific  versus Fourdrinier  used in the Americas, Europe and the United Kingdom at various relative humidity levels.


Vermillion provided SME evaluation training for the ICP Scientists, including a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.  Thereafter,  one of Bob’s developments was NASA Mars Mission Approved followed by the 2002 Ameristar Award for a new ICP Technology, a corrosion free ESD shielding tamper proof long-term storage package design  for the USA.


Vermillion’s efforts in R&D have led to developments with high performance liners, numerous material reformulations and proprietary Trade Secret Vermillion Testing Methods for prelaunch testing on a Lunar  environment, including shake down testing for touch displays, electronic flight helmets and hand-held devices,  wearables and Small Satellites (CubeSats).


At the NASA QLF 2010, Vermillion was the First to Present and Publish on Suspect Counterfeit ESD & Packaging Materials in the Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain.


Bob’s efforts  led to the implementation of countermeasures by the largest electronic corporations in the USA  including NASA and the US Army.  For academia, Vermillion has offered training for  DOE, Cal Poly, Oxford, Clemson University, CALCE and Loyola University.

For more information on NASA, DoD and Industry events, presentations and training, please visit the BLOG at 

Special Invite on behalf of NASA HQ to Speak before Joint Audit Planning Committee

Canoga Park, California

By special invitation from NASA HQ and on behalf of the JAPC (managed by JPL). Bob Vermillion was invited to speak on the Materials Qualification Requirements for Small Sats as part of the Annual Conference held this year at Canoga Park, California.  Bob's talk focused on the ESD Material Handling protocols for NASA under the leadership of the Workmanship Program chaired by NASA Langley.  


RMV Tech Group, NASA Industry Partner & SDVOSB, Accepts Award for Small Business Champion by VBOC

Sacramento, California

It's just another great day for RMV Technology Group, LLC, a NASA Industry Partner and rising star among the Veteran community for a Special Award by the Veterans Business Outreach Center (VBOC) for outstanding and unprecedented work by a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that meets the superior past performance by NASA in doing business with the Top Federal Agency for Technology and Innovation in the  USA. 

US Falcon, Veteran Owned Large Business Selects RMV as Subcontractor for First NASA Ames Prime Contract

Moffett Field, California


On November 1st, US Falcon, a Veteran Owned Large Business, was awarded their first ever NASA Ames Prime Contract for Aircraft Related Services. 


RMV Technology Group LLC, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned High Tech company, was specially selected due to their Electrostatics SME for Aerospace & Defense.


RMV will conduct Technology Training Services for Avionics and Aircraft Technicians, ESD Testing Services and Consulting for US Falcon as part of the R&D effort under the US Falcon umbrella of aircraft related services. 


Please welcome our new prime contractor into the ARC community in service to NASA and to our great country.

NASA GIDEP Visits RMV Tech Group during NASA Ames Safety Week October 25-26, 2016

Moffett Field, California

On the 25th of October, RMV received a welcome visit from NASA GIDEP HQ and NASA GIDEP ARC to see the different projects underway by RMV in bringing awareness to Government and Industry of suspect and non-conforming ESD materials popping up in many unsuspected places throughout the global  supply chain.

Suspect Counterfeit Packaging in the DoD Supply Chain

Bob Vermillion, NASA ESD Expert and Invited Speaker

For the past several years, Bob has been an Invited Speaker for the Annual National Institute of Packaging Handling Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE), whose members provide, service or buy  logistics and packaging to those that protect the Warfighter.  

This year, in particular, the round of questions and feedback was phenomenal.  Not only are we fighting the counterfeit issue with components and parts - the "originality" of packaging is raising eyebrows.  What you buy online or in a catalog may not be what you "assume" you are purchasing.


​As the 2014 USA Top Award for Packaging Innovation and Contributions for the Warfighter, Bob Vermillion will again address this issue with more case studies in the 2017 NIPHLE conference.  We hope you will join us then.  

Bob Vermillion, iNARTE ESD & Product Safety Engineer, Featured Speaker for Annual NASA Ames GIDEP Conference

Moffett Field, California


By invitation from GIDEP Headquarters, Bob Vermillion, IOPP Fellow, was the featured lunchtime speaker on Suspect Counterfeit and Non-Compliant Materials, Packaging and Products in the Federal Procurement Supply Chain that may affect current and future programs for NASA and the DOD.   

Bob's passion to get the word out to the contracting community is not without years of speaking before interested groups from Industry to the Federal marketplace.  


An increasing awareness of the dangers of not conducting "periodic verification" of materials and packaging is just as essential for the Incoming Inspection team as is the verification of components and parts by Federal agencies and the prime contracting community.  


Simply stated - without physical testing of ESD materials and packaging, the traditional methods of paper documentation and reliance upon "Supplier Technical Data Sheets" can no longer be trusted.   

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