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Bob Vermillion, Industry Expert, Suspect Counterfeit Packaging in the DoD Supply Chain

Royal Sonesta Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland

April 06, 2016

For the past several years, Bob has been an Invited Speaker for the Annual National Institute of Packaging Handling Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE) whose membership includes the DOD, DLA, DCMA, Prime Contractors, Suppliers and Distributors that provide logistics and packaging to those that protect the Warfighter.  

This year, in particular, the round of questions and feedback was phenomenal.  Not only are we fighting the counterfeit issue with components and parts - the "originality" of packaging is raising eyebrows.  What you buy online or in a catalog may not be what you "assume" you are purchasing.


 The days of "Technical Data Sheets" as evidence of compliance can be suspect especially when you are protecting sensitive parts and components with much more expensive packaging requirements and a focus upon reducing costs by the primes.

In 2015, RMV was awarded the Top USA Award for Packaging Innovation and Contributions for the Warfighter.  In 2017, Bob Vermillion will again address this issue with more case studies in the upcoming NIPHLE conference.  We hope you will join us.  

GIDEP Conference at NASA Ames Research Center

Bob Vermillion, Invited SME Materials & Packaging

April 04, 2016

Before a packed audience of prime contractors and Federal employees from all over the USA, Bob Vermillion, Invited Speaker, provided a "hands on" briefing of the rapid growth of  Electrostatic  Suspect Counterfeit Materials & Packaging in the Federal Supply Chain that may affect current and future programs for NASA and the DoD.  


Bob's passion to get the word out to the contracting community is not without years of speaking before interested groups from Industry to the Federal marketplace.  


An increasing awareness of the dangers of not conducting "periodic verification" of materials and packaging is just as essential for the Incoming Inspection team as is the verification of components and parts by Federal agencies and the prime contracting community.  


Simply stated - without physical testing of ESD materials and packaging, the traditional methods of paper documentation and reliance upon "Supplier Technical Data Sheets" can no longer be trusted.   

RMV Tech Group Trains ONE NASA Team Members

RMV at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

March 25, 2016


Bob Vermillion, Subject Matter Expert and Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer, iNARTE, trained the ESD Program Managers for the past week at the RMV - ESD Test Laboratory and Training Center.

This expert group represents ESD Engineers from NASA Langley to NASA Armstrong including Jet Propulsion Laboratory and UC Berkeley Space Science Laboratory.  


The customized  program of ESD Training for AeroSpace & Defense also includes Suspect Counterfeit Training for Materials, Packaging and Products that can be found during the assembly process, storage, incoming supplier packaging and when ordering ONLINE from Suppliers.   

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