Bob Vermillion, SME Electrostatics, to Present on "Incoming Inspection Techniques"


VENUE:       LMI Headquarters 

DATE:          October 24-26, 2017

LOCATION: LMI Headquarters

                    7940 Jones Branch Drive

                    Tysons, Virginia 22210 




                                  NASA GIDEP NEW USER TRAINING SESSION

October 24 - 26, 2017 


                                     To register: Go to GIDEP Website                                    




October 24, 2017

9:50 AM 


"Non-Compliant or Suspect Counterfeit Packaging Materials:  ESD Hazards, Long Term Storage, Material Handling, Incoming Inspection,  Repairs & Kitting Issues" 


presented by


Bob Vermillion, CPP/Fellow

iNARTE Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer

RMV Technology Group LLC


You will want to attend Bob Vermillion’s innovative and thought provoking presentation on this historically ignored but very Hot Topic on Suspect Counterfeit ESD Materials and Packaging in the global supply chain.


In 2010, Bob Vermillion was the First to present and first to publish on Suspect Counterferfeit and Non-Compliant ESD Materials and Packaging in the DoD Supply Chain for the NASA Quality Leadership Forum, Cape Kennedy, Florida.



Bob Vermillion, Founder, RMV Technology Group,  Industry Leader for  Electrostatics SME Materials & Packaging  is the pioneer of"first line of defense” Inspection Process for Industry & Government that must go beyond a "Supplier Technical Data Sheet."  


Not only could the documentation be fraudulent, but the testing process could also be inaccurate, outdated and/or without any traceable data. Additional safeguards must be implemented to lower the risks associated with non-traceable and suspect counterfeit materials or packaging as is already in practice with sensitive parts and components.  



Passing over this critical first step by the traditional methods of reliance upon paper documentation  is no longer an option due to the sophisticated techniques by counterfeiters to  infiltrate the supply chain. 


Simply stated, Incoming Inspection is two-fold.  For the identification of counterfeit protective packaging, one can potentially reduce unnecessary spending of parts and component testing if the product has already been compromised by non-compliant or suspect counterfeit outer packaging.   This type of packaging could be a foam, film, paperboard or any type of ESD covering as called in the accompanying data sheet on on the face of the material. 


The Pentagon spend on testing is a billion dollar industry.  By implementation of a few additional steps for Incoming Inspection, both Industry and Government can  benefit by additional cost savings and better quality standards.       


In order to register for this course,  GO DIRECTLY to the Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP),


For more information on custom training that RMV Tech Group provides for "Incoming Inspection" specific to your corporate or Federal requirements, please contact us direct by calling or emailing  Renee Mitchell (650-964-4792) or  








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