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USA Industry Standards, EU Standards and Military Standards for Materials, Packaging & Products

Test Methods 

All testing is performed onsite at the  RMV headquarters located in Building 19 (NASA historical landmark) onsite at NASA Ames  Research Center. 


Test and Evaluation of  your material, product or equipment is conducted in a secure area in which access to the research park is monitored at all times. Our staff is comprised of  iNARTE  Certified ESD and EMC Engineers, wih deep knowledge in the area of system level testing, ESD/EMC materials and packaging that includes 1st Article, Qualification, Periodic Verification and Corrective Actions.  Research and Development of  your product is also conducted for customers that want to add value to an existing brand.  

RMV Technology Group LLC is  3rd party, independent and neither sells products through other companies nor outsources our work to  subcontractors.   


GOOGLE US  first then GOOGLE other companies that claim to be independent test laboratories.     You may be surprised at what you find.  

The RMV  SMEs can also develop for you application-specific test methods in addition to the ANSI/ESD Industry Standard testing  that you may request.

Test Methods 

For space applications, the test methods can be application specific depending upon the request.  Our ESD/EMC testing includes advanced materials used in 3D manufacturing, small satellites,  smart textiles, flexible electronics, conductive polymers, nanotube composites and other engineered materials that must perform in very low RH and extreme environments.  

IEC Test Methods

For the USA, European Union, Israel, United Kingdom and  the Asia Pacific Rim, we provide IEC testing, upon request, as some of the ESD requirements are similar (dependant upon the type of material, equipment or product requirement) while others  differ somewhat from the   US standards.    


Test Methods 

In addition to the  ESD Training for  Space & Defense  that the RMV Subject Matter Experts provide for  DLA, DCMA,  USAF, USMC, US Army and  RDECOM,  we also test for  US   government agencies,  prime contractors, sub-contractors, DCMs, CMs, OEMs,  including distributors and suppliers. 

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