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ESD Materials Testing 

You no longer can depend upon a  "Tech Data Sheet" to prove a  product's compliance that meets "All Standards."  Without verification of a  product or package, your entire Supply Chain could be at risk.  

Materials Qualification List (MQL) For Your Suppliers

RMV provides ESD Testing for Certification to  ANSI ESD, NASA Standards, IEC, MIL STD, JEDEC, SEMI, ASTM or your Corporate requirements.  

ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 Audits & Recent ESD Materials Tests

The recently revised ANSI/ESDS 20.20-2014 for facility audits now requires in-house or 3rd party material and packaging testing.

The RMV Tech SMEs for ESD Materials and Packaging are the best in Industry and can support your program for Validation, Verification or Certification of your supply chain. 


Not only do we have the capabilities as the largest ESD laboratory on any NASA site, we also can troubleshoot your product or package to identify the threshold of failure.  


The root cause of failure for a component or part could be as simple as Supplier Non-Compliance in the manufacturing process for the OEM, CM, Supplier or Distributor who may be engaged in the "Kitting" process as is common for many distribution houses.   


Learn more about what we can do to support your efforts by contacting us direct at 650-964-4792 or email with your inquiry.  

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