ESD Test Methods for Industry & Government  

In-House Capabilities 

  •   In-House Testing and On-Site Services with 5 Environmental Glove    Chambers to <0.2%RH. 

  •  RMV Walk-In Chamber Environment of 6210 Cubic Foot can be         preconditioned to 12%+/-3%RH or Lower.

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs):  Displays - Issues with Error  Messages, Lock ups and Failures.

  •  SMEs -  CubeSats, Spacecraft,  Hand Held Devices, Control Panels,   Wearables, Flexible Electronics, Microprocessor Medical &  Military   Devices, Terminals, Dashboard Issues. 

Other RMV Capabilities 

  • ID, CAC & Banking Cards, P-Cards, Smart Cards, Hand Held  Devices, Wearables and Biometrics. 

  •  Retail Store Level Static Electricity Issues at Point of Sale (POS) Terminals.

  • Proprietary Test method to identify Capacitive Sensor Issues & Touch Screen Displays.

  •  Bio/Pharma Issues with Charge Attraction Test Methods.

  • Capacitive Sensor Issues and Touch Screen Displays.

  •  Unique design troubleshooting and test techniques involving injection of known E and H fields to expose hidden design faults.

  • Techniques to determine a design’s RF immunity quickly to the equivalent of ~100 V/m without need for a chamber.

  • Test and design methods to maximize RF immunity in analog circuits.

  • RMV Proprietary Testing for characterizing the EMI/ESD environments and locating ESD events.

  • " Vermillion  Proprietary Triboelectrification Test Method.™

  •  "Vermillion FIM Method™ to Pinpoint Damage to Hand Held Devices. 

Some ANSI/ESD & IEC  Test Methods are listed below.

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