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Tech Wearables

Fitness Wearables 

Flexible Electronics  and Fabrics must be ESD Safe  for positive Brand Identity.   

Medical Wearables 

Ultra-Sensitive Electronics & Anti-Microbial Polymers must be able to consistently perform in harsh environments (i.e. operating rooms).   

Implantable Wearables

Ultra Sensitive Devices  planted in the body can fail due to suspect counterfeit materials used in the manufacture of the product in combination with non-compliant ESD polymers that do not meet standard conditions of testing for a harsh environment (i.e. inside the human body). 

Military Wearables 

For the Solider in the field or in theatre, wearables must be tested for use in harsh environments.  Antistats are commonly used because of outsourcing in concert with internet buys without traceability.  

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01/Research & Development

Just how efficient are your Smart Textiles? 

Some flexible materials (despite what the technical data sheets claim) may not hold up to repeated washings, dry cleaning  -  not to mention bending and creasing concerns with the implementation of sensitive electronics. 


Our SMEs can remedy these concerns by  research and development of application-specific materials to enhance value-add performance.   

02/E-Textile Test & Evaluation

Your Smart Textiles require more than resistance testing for long term performance in harsh environments. 

What happens when your e-textile does not perform like, for instance, when getting caught  in a sudden snowstorm ,

 your smart garment does not hold up to the differences in temperature and thermal protection.  The  sensors  get exposed to the dramatic differences in the environment?   


The RMV  team can support your efftorts

on  current and future projects  for better performance , which in effect, will further enhance your brand identity. 

03/ E-Textile Troubleshooting

This is our "Sweet Spot" and where we can support your next innovation while our team is troubleshooting your current project or nextgen solution.   

The "holy grail" of our SMEs is providing solutions to ongoing problems or unexpected failures in the field - from Space and Defense to Medical Device to the retail environment as the quest for disruptive technologies will continue to expand in all forms of tech wearables in the US and abroad  where your brand must not only look good on the person but must also perform!  

04/Product Support 

This is what we do best!

Our Industry proven SMEs  will  insure better performance by use of technology solutions in combination with   troubleshooting when a failure or corrective action occurs in the field after release into the market.  

Keep your Brand Identity as positive as your Company name.  Not only is continuous product performance vital to your identity but also  to keep the counterfeiters from stalking your  brand.

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