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SME Electrostatics  for  Electronics, 
Medical Device,  Space & Defense 

Robotics & Equipment

Our SME Engineering  Team performs Test & Evaluation and troubleshooting of robotics, in-process equipment, conveyorized PCB manufacturing facilities with our most advanced Level Electrostatic Field & FIM Discharge Measurement.


RMV can simulate the the hazards of triboelectrication in low RH as in a lunar environment.  This type of test is a recent technology developed by Bob Vermillion, CEO/Founder of RMV.  Moreover, the test method, unlike other triboelectrification methods for Industry, is repeatable, reliable and cost effective.  

Machine Centers

The RMV engineering team of industry professionals use advanced, calibrated ESD instrumentation for facility assessments (factory, cleanroom, sterile environments).  Facility Audits require the physical measurement of elements utilized in the ESD Protected Area (from Equipment Centers to Workstations).

As a 3rd party laboratory, RMV  maintains an arsenal of test equipment to meet the requirements of evaluation and assessment of machine centers, SMT stations, Robotics and hand assembly to provide a more in-depth and comprehensive evaluation, audit or a simple survey to satisfy your corporate or industry driven objectives.

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