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ESD Glove Testing for ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 Compliance

    Factory - Cleanroom - High Bay - Headend -Sterile Environments

ESD Glove Test , Validation & Certification 

Bob Vermillion, Co-Chair

ANSI/ESD Working Group 15 ESD Gloves


ANSI/ESD SP15.1-2011 is one of the tests used to measure the resistance of finger cots in combination with a person for volume resistance.  Testing is required at 50% and for a pre-conditioning period at 12%+/-3%RH.  

Due to the influx of offshore suppliers that test only to 50% RH, the need for Glove Testing is mandatory where critical components are being manufactured or assembled.  

Material Qualification Testing for ESD Gloves

COCs for Disk Drive is a Requirement by Many End Users!


As many are aware, the threshold for failure on a disk drive is now under 1 Volt.  Therefore, any type of material or packaging that comes into direct contact can damage or destroy a disk. 

Due to the increasing use of offshore glove suppliers, the need for periodic verification and Certificate of Conformance on a per run basis is advice well taken by many in the disk, aerospace & Defense, Medical Device and semiconductor industries.  Because of the alarming rise in Suspect Counterfeit and Supplier Non-Compliant consummables for the protection of ESD products, the need for due diligence on behalf of the Quality Manufacturing Team to reduce product failures continues to be a major issue in the manufacturing environment.  


May the buyer beware when purchasing out of catalogs or on the internet without current test data to confirm ANSI/ESD Testing by a qualified in house or 3rd party laboratory.  Tech Data Sheets can no longer be relied upon for compliance and product reliability.  

Learn more by reading current and practical articles on this website or contact us direct. 

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