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ESD Polymers 

ESD Garment Testing

Electronics - Cleanroom - AeroSpace

ESD Garments are usually bought over the internet, in catalogs or through your local distributor.  Large organizations find that leasing garments is easier and more cost effective.  

ESD Garments must be verified and tested periodically and any new garment that you purchase or lease should always come with recent test data to insure Supplier Conformance. 

You may want to read the article by Bob Vermillion that was written to clarify the knowledge base for end users when testing  or leasing garments  to insure  compliance for your quality program.


You can click on the link below to read "Static Control Garment Verification to Ensure Supplier Conformance."

Carbon Nanotube Testing (CNT)

Medical Device - Biotech - AeroSpace

CNT Testing of planar and molded materials is performed in the RMV Tech Group ESD laboratory.  


Care must be taken in the handling and testing of CNT materials in the powder substrate.

Due to issues with "hot spots" in the planar form, RMV has developed a trade secret method of Mapping the substrate for a complete report of ESD performance.  

CNT materials improperly handled during the extrusion process can develop hot spots.  Another area for the formation of hot spots occurs in the  vacuum forming or injection molding process.  

When testing CNT materials, we recommend that the customer provide both a planar substrate as well as a vacuum formed or injection molded sample for ESD performance of a CNT material. 

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