Meet the Team


Bob Vermillion 


CEO & Founder

 Bob Vermillion  

Founder & CEO of RMV Technology Group LLC, a NASA Industry partner, Bob Vermillion, iNARTE Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer, leads  US Industry in  training of the Scientific and Engineering community  in technology innovations and solutions for electrostatic materials, packaging and products that support the consumer electronics, semiconductor, automotive, medical device and pharmaceutical,  Energy, Aerospace & Defense.   


For NASA, the DoD and the DOE, RMV supports the Federal sector as the 3rd party test laboratory and ESD Aerospace & Training Center  for NASA  and the DoD including the support contractor community.   For the DOE and  their contractor base, RMV provides "hands on" Suspect Counterfeit Training for the nuclear energy contracting community. 

Doug Smith


EEE Technical Staff, Special Projects  

Doug Smith, MSEE

Doug Smith, Author of "High Frequency Measurements and Noise in Electronic Circuits"  held an FCC First Class on Radiotelephone License at Age 16 and a General Class Amateur Radio License at Age 12.  Doug received a B.E.E.E. Degree from Vanderbilt University in 1969 and a MSEE Degree from Cal Tech in 1970.

Currently, Doug lectures at Oxford University for the past 10  years and was recently named "Tutor" for Oxford.  Author of over 200 technical articles and white papers, Doug works best on troubleshooting projects that "no one can figure out or that take a very long time to solve."  Doug's innate ability to solve the most complex problems in an easily understandable and practical manner is the hallmark of his success in the electronics sector. 

Renee Mitchell

Maria Contreras.BobVermillion.Renee.VISI


Renee Mitchell

As President and Business Development Director for RMV, Renee manages  the technology training programs for NASA,  DoD and Industry that includes the R&D projects and specialized test and evaluation of OEM materials for value-add development of future markets. 


 In addition to the managerial and marketing  responsibilities of growing an innovative and adept small business, Renee also authors the blog for commercial, energy, space & defense in addition to  Social Media for company updates, news and events. 

Tom Reilly, M.D.


Corporate Advisory Board 

Tom Reilly, M.D.

Dr. Thomas Reilly practices Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine in Bakersfield, California as a partner and Medical Director of Emergency Medical Group.

Phil Zulueta


Sr. Associate, SME 

Suspect Counterfeit Parts 

Phil Zulueta

Former Chairman of the SAE G-19 Committee for the mitigation of electronic parts and components, Phil was a former JPL Program Element Manager for the NASA Electronic Parts & Packaging Program (NEPP) and Chairman of the JPL Counterfeit Parts Working Group. 


Phil is Past President of the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society.  Currently, Phil is the Co-Chair of the SAE G-19 Sub-Committee of EEE Packaging.  

Doug Vermillion 


Corporate Advisory Board 

Doug Vermillion, M.D.

Dr. Vermillion is board certified as an Orthopedic Surgeon and completed fellowship training at the Jobe Clinic, Palos Verdes, California.  Doug is one of the few surgeons in Alaska that performs minimal incision total knee replacement. Doug also has a strong background in Sports Medicine and this interest has led him to  become one of the most experienced cartilage replacement surgeons in the nation. 


Dr. Vermillion served in the US Army for over 20 years. Prior to going to medical school, Doug served as an Infantryman and was selected to be on the US Pentathalon Team. Doug knows what it is like to have injuries and always seeks to get patients back to their normal functioning level.