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2024 iNARTE Product Safety Certification

2026 iNARTE ESD Engineer Certification


2021 Certificate of Excellence from NASA to Bob Vermillion, SME Electrostatics for iNARTE Space & Defense ESD Engineer VIRTUAL Training Program


2019 Military Packaging Hall of Fame presented to Bob Vermillion, CPP, Fellow, on behalf of the DoD


Bob Vermillion was officially named the ESD Technical Authority for NASA in a ceremony at NASA Ames Research Center during the 2018 RMV ESD Aerospace & Defense Training 5-Day Training seminar.


2018 Presentation to Bob Vermillion as the ESD Technical Authority for NASA.

2018-09-18 14.18_edited

2018 Certificate of Appreciation to Bob Vermillion, SME Electrostatics for conduction "ESD Suspect Counterfeit Materials & Packaging Course for Aberdeen Proving Ground

Bob Vermillion receives the 2018 James A. Russell Lifetime Achievement Award for Materials and Packaging Engineering Excellence and for technology contribution SME in support of the Warfighter from NIPHLE Acting President.

2017 Annual GIDEP Conference, Tysons Corner, Virginia receiving recognition from GIDEP leadership for powerful talk on Suspect Counterfeit Materials & Packaging in the Global Supply Chain.

2017 Annual Ames Contractor Council Small Business Event. MEI Subcontract to provide Engineering Solution for ARC PESS Contract that no other SME could perform.


2016 Champion of the Year Award to Bob Vermillion, CEO/ Founder RMV Technology Group LLC from Coreena Conley, Executive Director, Veteran Business Outreach Center, Region IX, Sacramento, California.

DSCN6984.VBOC.161216 - Copy

RMV Technology Group named as 2016 Veteran Company of the Year by Coreena Conley, Executive Director, VBOC, Sacramento, California.


2016 Certificate of Appreciation for specialized "Hands On" ESD training of NASA Program Managers.

GIDEP Member and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Specialty Materials & Packaging for Government and Industry since 2016.

2014 Certificate of Appreciation Award presented to Bob Vermillion, SME Electrostatics, for conducting Excellent ESD Training for NASA Program Managers.


iNARTE Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer

NIPHLE.2014 Award

The National Institute of Packaging, Handling and Logistics Engineers (NIPHLE) consisting of the US Army, US NAVY, USMC, DLA, DCMA and Industry presented RMV Technology Group, LLC with the 2014 NIPHLE National Corporate Award for Outstanding Innovations & Contributions in the field of Packaging Engineering for the Department of Defense and the Warfighter.


iNARTE Certified ESD, EMC & Product Safety Engineers on Staff.

IOPP Award.Fellows

Bob Vermillion, iNARTE Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer, inducted into the IOPP 2007 College of Fellows.


2007 Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP) induction into the College of Fellows.

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering

Bob Vermillion, Invited Speaker, Sponsored by NASA HQ, Auburn University.

NASA QLF_edited

"Non-Compliant or Suspect Counterfeit Materials Can Lead to ESD Hazards and Long-Term Storage Issues" presented by Bob Vermillion, iNARTE Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer, the first to Present and First to Publish for DoD and NASA.


Invited SME Speaker for Suspect Counterfeit Materials & Packaging

RMV Technology Training for UCB Space Science Laboratory Scientists, Engineers & Technicians

Approved Member of American Council of Independent Laboratories since 2000

ESDA Standards Committee Member

Long Standing ESDA Standards Member and Co-Author of several ESD Standards for Industry & Government

Know where your product or material is being sent for confidential testing on a secure facility. Do your due diligence and perform a GOOGLE Earth search - you may find a basement operation, a garage, an attached shed, a distributor or an ESD Instrument company that outsources to an "untraceable" source.

Founder & Co-Chair SAE G-19A EEE Parts Packaging Engineering Subgroup WIP

National Institute of Packaging Handling Logistics Engineers - 2015 - 2018 SME Featured Speaker - Suspect Counterfeit Materials in the DOD Supply Chain

ASTM ESD Materials Laboratory - We test Aerospace & Defense, Consumer Electronics, Automotive Engineered Materials & Coatings for Government and Industry.

The only approved Small Business SME Trainer for Berkeley Labs for the Detection of Counterfeit Materials

Technology Training for University Partnerships

USA 2002 Award for 1st Place in the Electronics Category for Packaging Design Innovation - HP followed in 2nd & 3rd place, with Motorola in 4th place for this highly competitive, national competition.

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