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"Know who you are going to do business with before issuance of a Purchase Order.  Is the test lab actually a distributor that outsources testing, a supplier of products, a consultant that hires a 3rd party to test that is not a lab at all, but appears to be an independant 3rd party by visiting their website?  
GOOGLE EARTH and you may find that the  ESD lab is really located in a shed behind someone's house, in a basement or simply someone's home and not a lab at all. Or the lab is offshore with a US address.    A lot of this information we receive comes from the Customer after visiting the "so-called lab" only to find what is not a lab at all.  
 The simplest and most effective way for you to identify a legitimate 3rd party laboratory is to perform a a GOOGLE EARTH search.    For example, GOOGLE our facility and you can easily see our location. 
From a business perspective for protection of your IP, it is always wise to know exactly who you are doing business with.  


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