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Some Feedback from Our Readers 

"That's a nice article on ESD polymers that you wrote for Conformity.  

I have some experience with conductive polymers and I can see that you know what you are talking about."

Julius Brodbeck, Materials Engineer, Civ.

GS-13, Air Force Research Labs

Directorate System Support Division ESD Control Technology Center


 Excellent data and work! Stapling ESD bags is widely practiced, so there is clearly an awareness and education process needed here."

Thanks for sharing,

Phil Zulueta, Consultant 

Chair, SAE G-19 Committee 

Pinholes & Staples Lead to Diminished Performance in Metallized Shielding Bags

"Bob, Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your last two articles in "InCompliance Magazine".


I will no doubt be citing this work for years to come, well done."

James L.
Spacecraft Electromagnetics - EMI/EMC

Charge Generation of ESD Sensitive Devices: Understanding the Risks of Protective Packaging

"I appreciate the articles and the updates.  It was  really great meeting  you." 

S. Stac, Special Agent

Homeland Security

The Silent Killer: Suspect Counterfeit Items and Packaging

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