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Verify Protective Packaging Before Component T&E - RMV Innovates Inroads to Better Protect the


Picatinny Arsenal

ARDEC Headquarters

Building Number 93

NIPHLE Event Training

Picatinny Arsenal

Lindner Conference Center

New Jersey

POC for Registration

Tel: (937) 269-5085

Incoming Inspection of Static Control Materials:

Verification of Material or Packaging is Your First Step!

ESD Qualification Sequence to Verify Product and Benchmark Against

Suspect Counterfeiting and Nonconformance!

Guest Instructor

Robert J. Vermillion, CPP, Fellow

Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer-iNARTE

NASA SME Electrostatics

RMV Technology Group, LLC

NASA-Ames Research Park

Moffett Field, CA 94035

Date: 11 May 2017 Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00PM

Venue: Picatinny Arsenal, Lindner Center, New Jersey


Even if the original components have not been tampered with, the outer protective packaging, if counterfeit or ESD Non-Compliant, can damage EEE sensitive devices.

ABSTRACT: Guest Speaker, Bob Vermillion, CPP, Fellow was first to present on issues of suspect counterfeit ESD packaging & materials in the DoD Supply Chain for the 2010 NASA Quality Leadership Forum (QLF).

As the most advanced ESD Materials Test Lab of all NASA sites, RMV also tests products and materials used by the DLA, DoD prime contractors, suppliers and distributors for volatile environments such as “antistatic” sorbent pads (for diesel spills) and resistance testing of conductive carriers for explosives manufacturing.

Are there other incoming inspection mechanisms that a packaging specialist can implement to insure conformance? And, are there traceability testing techniques that can identify material types by the use of more advanced and cost-effective methods?

In an interactive format, this workshop will focus on how to set up a proper ESD station and the evaluation of ESD Type I & III static control shielding bags.

Bob Vermillion, CPP, Fellow, Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer-iNARTE and NASA SME for the mitigation of Triboelectrification for a Mars surface, including troubleshooting robotics, systems and materials for aerospace & defense, hand held devices, wearables, medical device, pharmaceutical, automotive and semiconductor sectors. Bob was recently elected to the Advisory Board Council of the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA), the governing body for IDEA-STD-1010B-2011.

In 2015, RMV was recipient of the NIPHLE Corporate Award for outstanding innovation and contributions in support of the Warfighter.

A longstanding member of the ESDA Standards Committee, Co-author of several ANSI level ESD documents, former Co-Chair of the ESDA WG 19 Committee for Aerospace & Defense and Co-Chair of the SAE G-19 Packaging Sub-Committee for EEE Counterfeit Parts, Vermillion served on the BoD of the International Association of Radio Telecommunications Engineers (iNARTE) before its merger with Exemplar Global.

Recent Speaking engagements include the 2016 NASA Academy of Aerospace Quality Workshop, Auburn University, and most recently, Bob Vermillion was a featured Guest Speaker for the Annual Joint Audit Planning Committee (JAPC) that includes NASA prime contractors and the Missile Defense Agency.


Training will be taking place on Picatinny Arsenal at the Lindner Conference Center, ARDEC Headquarters building number 93.

Everyone will have to stop at the security building located at the main gate to check in.

If you plan on attending you must be able to present proof of U.S. citizenship prior to being allowed past the security gate. In addition to registering for the training you must also provide your Full Name, Current Address, Driver’s License Number, and state that you are a U.S. citizen to me at or (937) 269-5085 NLT 17 April, so this information can be sent to the security gate personnel.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

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