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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Evaluation Methods of Static Control Gloves

Bob Vermillion

Certified, ESD & Product Safety Engineer - iNARTE

SME Electrostatics for AeroSpace & Defense/RMV Technology Group LLC, a NASA

Industry Partner, email:


Following a formalized Materials Qualification Process is critical today due to the "globalization" of products and consumables - many of which cannot be traced back to the original source of manufacturing.

What further complicates the buying decision is what is supposed to be a simple purchase of a consumable typically done over the internet or through a "shiny" Catalog House. To dig a little deeper, we often find when looking for the Tech Data Sheet (if test data is even included) incorrect Test Data that references an Industry Standard with incorrect values, or, much more often, we will find Out of Date Test Data (if dates are even provided in the manufacturer's information).

As components become smaller, a static control consumable, such as a glove or a vacuum formed tray, can damage a sensitive component or part by the handling procedures of the operator, inspector or the engineer.

For example, Medical Device manufacturing (Patient centered) can be just as critical as Aerospace & Defense (Soldier Centered) in the maintenance of a Qualified Materials List (MQL). A Class 1 Recall by the FDA could sometimes be avoided by the use of a stricter adherence to Qualification of Materials, Packaging and Products used to protect sensitive devices.

For the Consumer Electronics Manufacturer, a product failure could result from the use of an insulative material or the handling of the item by non-compliant gloves. Both types of examples will cost you money, resources, and the potential effect of affecting your brand should a recall occur. In the global marketplace, every ounce of competition will be there to take your market by not paying attention to the simple details of maintaining a Quality driven and Reliability Centered Assurance Program.

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