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Just Published - Static Shielding Bag Qualification to Lower Risk of EEE Part Reliability for the El

Another very interesting article has been recently published by the leading Industry Static Control Materials Subject Matter Expert, Bob Vermillion.

The most fully equipped and advanced ESD test laboratory located on a NASA site, Bob is a regular contributor to update the end user, OEM and supplier for compliance with static control requirements to protect one's product and program.

The big risk is that your 1st tier suppliers will pass down the requirements to the 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers.

Just this week, Bob presented before the Annual EFCOG Conference held in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. This featured talk on the first day attracted facility engineers, DOE HQ foks as well as the prime contractors and suppliers that support nuclear power across the USA.

Following a formalized materials qualification program for all static control items from the raw material to the end product is the solution to lower your risk for reliability and integrity of the deliverable. Read the article (see pages 30-37) by clicking cover as above. Also, see more archived articles by clicking here

The focus upon static shielding bags is obvious. This product is a huge buy for manufacturing organizations, distribution houses and warehousing operations.

Multiple suppliers of static shielding bags can be found all over the globe from your internet supplier to the slickest catalogs delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

Buyer Beware as they say. Read the article and learn how to properly perform the qualification that is most likely the highest risk item on your factory floor.

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