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ENGINEERING Support Services for the Global Supply Chain

 Online  Anti-Counterfeit and Technology Training for Procurement & Quality Engineering to Reduce  Travel while increasing KnowlegeTech for Employees, Independent Contractors and Suppliers.


On-Demand Practical "Hands On"  ESD  Training

Engineering - Procurement - Management  

Online ESD Training by iNARTE Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer

2 Year Certification: Operators - Technicians - Engineers


RMV Tech Group offers ESD Training for your company that is current, practical and will support your programs from consumer electronics to Automotive to Medical Device to  Aerospace. 


RMV proven performance for Industry, DoD and NASA clearly illustrates the need for 'hands on' training and can be conducted in our on-site laboratory and training center at NASA Ames Research Center or your facility.  Online Training is an alternative for persons that neither have the time nor resources for travel.  

With a diverse customer base, our leadership team of Industry Subject Matter Experts can provide a 2-hour overview of the Industry to a 2 -day  session that will include application specific training for your industry sector.  From the Contract Manufacturer to the Distributor/Supplier to the traditional  Prime Contractor, the RMV team can provide the Technology Training required for your company.  

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