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THE OEM AND THE CM: Maintainability & Reliability = ESD Compliance

Lower Your Costs and Raise Your Quality in 2017

As today’s consumer seeks more efficiency and lower costs in selection of the most advanced technology, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Contract Manufacturer (CM) must keep pace with their Brand Identity, Maintainability and Reliability by adhering to Industry Standards for ESD Compliance.

The RMV Tech Group Electrostatics (ESD) Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will test, evaluate, troubleshoot and solve your application-specific technology for Wearables, Autonomous Systems, 3-D Manufacturing, Sensors, Robotics and Advanced Materials for Consumer Electronics, Medical Device, Hybrid Land Vehicles, Aerospace & Defense, Alternative Energy and Space Technology.

Be Prepared for NEXTGEN Technologies

As ultra-sensitive products continue to shrink in size due to technology advances, an increase in charge on a device may negatively affect your brand's optimal performance.

Let RMV support you with our internationally recognized and proven electrostatic (ESD) application specific testing, technology training and root cause analysis of equipment, products and materials that occur in the workspace, in the lab or in the field.

Conveniently located onsite at NASA Ames Research Center, RMV provides a secure and safe controlled simulated environment for in-depth testing, training or troubleshooting that your product, package or material requires.

Read the Article on Non-Compliant and Suspect Counterfeit Materials, Packaging and Products that have infiltrated the Consumer Electronics, Medical Device, Aerospace & Defense and Nuclear Power sectors. You can no longer rely upon "Tech Data Sheets" to determine the validity of a product, package or material without risk to the Supply Chain and to your Quality Assurance Program.

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