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Ultra Sensitive ESD Devices 

Proper Handling of Ultra-Sensitive Devices

Test & Evaluation of Static Control Flooring


An Architect, Civil Engineer, General Contractor or flooring subcontractor may not be knowledgeable in the most recent and advanced specifications for ultra-sensitive devices in a Class 0 manufacturing facility.  This will include persons working in or management of  data centers, call centers, border patrol facilities, clean rooms and  sterile environments in the medical device/pharma sectors.

RMV Technology Group excels in the unique arena of  electrostatic mitigation on ultra-sensitive devices and materials with the utilization of ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe protocols that reflect current  ANSI/ISO/ASTM  standards.  All Equipment used  in the test and evaluation is calibrated and captures real time events with computer interfaced software for the manufacturing engineers to view online and in plain sight.

Validation of static control flooring by RMV can include not only consulting  for the proper type of flooring  (static dissipative or conductive) for your  facility, but can also include the test and validation for proper grounding, resistance to a groundable point, point to point resistance, resistance in combination with a person and voltage in combination with a person. 

Due to the potentially high cost for this capitol expenditure, it is critical to clearly benchmark your investment from the ground up.  

The leadership team of RMV can specify requirements and evaluate  a supplier product before and after installation in order to meet the validation requirements for static control flooring.  This will become especially important when meeting DoD, DOE, NASA and FAA requirements. 



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