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NIPHLE Speaker Line-Up: Bob Vermillion Speaks on CubeSat Validation for the DoD





May 8 - 11, 2017

Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey

Day One: 9 May

Venue: Picatinny Arsenal

POC for Registration

Michael Werneke, Executive Director




Mr. Anthony Sebasto, U.S. Army Picatinny Arsenal, Executive Director, ARDEC Enterprise and Systems Integration Center - Welcome to Picatinny Arsenal and ARDEC

Mr. Steven Karl, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army, Acquisition Policy and logistics. Keynote Speaker - Army Acquisition Policy and Logistics

Mr. Bob Vermillion, CPP-Fellow, IOPP, CEO/Founder, RMV Tech Group - CubeSats using COTs Require ESD Packing, Handling Protocols for Launch Integrity

Dr. John Schmuff, Northrop Grumman Sector Director: Transportation and Logistics

The Logistical Challenges of Packaging, Handling & Transporting Large and Unusual Items (Super Loads)

Mr. Jeff Hallyburton, Northrop Grumman Operations Manager – T&L

Topic: New SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) requirements and ways to comply – Blocking & Stowage strategies.

Mr. Bob MacDowell, Director of Government and Military Programs

DNA-based Solutions for Packaging and Supply Chain Security

Mr. Alan Santucci, U.S. Army Picatinny Arsenal, Competency Manager, Future Concepts Division

Future Concepts for Ammunition Logistics

Mr Bob Van Schaack, (Navel PHST Center), Senior PHST Engineer

Use of Packaging Methodologies and Innovative Materials to prevent Inadvertent Reaction of Naval Ordnance.

Mr. Jason Runell, US Army ARDEC Packaging Division, Competency Manager

Discuss the latest Army packaging Initiatives -Needed revisions to MIL-STD-1904 and Army’s ongoing efforts to develop plastic packaging designs.

Mr. A.J. Gruber


Mr. Chris Mezzacappa, Navy PHST Air Warfare Team Lead, Naval PHST Center, DOD Joint Packaging Handling Storage and Transportation (PHST) Center of Excellence

Mr. John Gerrish, President/CEO Airpack, Inc., U.S. DOT & International

Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods


NIPHLE Training will be taking place on Picatinny Arsenal at the Lindner Conference Center, which is the ARDEC Headquarters, Building Number 93.

Everyone will have to stop at the security building located at the main gate to check in. If you plan on attending you must be able to present proof of U.S. citizenship prior to being allowed past the security gate.

In addition to registering for the training you must also provide your Full Name, Current Address, Driver’s License Number, and state that you are a U.S. citizen to Mike Werneke at or (937) 269-5085 NLT 17 April, so that the information can be sent to the security gate personnel.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

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