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Non-Compliant or Suspect Counterfeit Protective Packaging of EEE Ultra-Sensitive Parts Can Lead to D


COnference: September 12- 14, 2017

Exhibition: September 13, 2017

Santa Clara Convention Center

Santa Clara, California

Non-Compliant or Suspect Counterfeit Protective Packaging of EEE Ultra-Sensitive Parts Can Lead to Device Failures & Long Term Storage IssuesTM

An Innovation by

Mr. Bob Vermillion, CEO/Director of Technology,

CPP, Fellow, Certified ESD Engineer-iNARTE

RMV Technology Group LLC ⋄ NASA Ames Research Center

Date: 13 September 2017

Time: 3:00 to 4:00 PM


Abstract: First to present and first to publish on “Suspect Counterfeit ESD materials and packaging in the DOD Supply Chain,” Bob Vermillion will present on the impact of suspect and non-conforming packaging issues seriously impacting global logistics and materials management today.

Speaker: Bob Vermillion, CPP/Fellow (IOPP), is an Electrostatics SME for Federal and Industry and a Certified ESD & Product Safety Engineer –iNARTE.

Bob's Subject Matter Expertise in the mitigation of triboelectrification upon materials and protective packaging in harsh environments has led to numerous projects from Research & Development Support for multi-national organizations to add value or new application to an existing product line to engineering and facility support for NASA and DoD projects. A longstanding member and active participant in the development of ANSI/ESD Standards, Bob's name is easily recognized on numerous documents and technical publications both here and abroad.

One of the very few advanced ESD Material and Product Testing Laboratories in the USA, RMV Technology Group is the largest privately held Electrostatics T&E Facility on a NASA Site.


GOOGLE EARTH your Supplier - An onsite inspection of a potential test lab may be costly and just not feasible.

In the critical process of vetting a potential company to guard your intellectual property, prevent contamination of your product or physical security of your R&D project /Work in Process, you can minimize your risks from an unknown source, a fancy website or a "fee-based" referral.

By using GOOGLE EARTH, you may discover a house, a basement, a garage or, even, an off shore facility just by conducting a simple search of the physical address. Keep in mind that a fancy website may very well be the unknown source for a non-compliant or suspect counterfeit product or service you may be buying into. Brand Identity is just as important today as the reputation of your company.


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